Photography service for artists!

If you’re an artist looking to having art prints made of your work, the first step is to get your pictures photographed.  This photograph will be the digital version of your art – the master from which all prints are produced.  The quality of your art print depends entirely upon the quality of the photograph.

We’re pleased to announce that we now offer an artwork photography service which doesn’t cost a fortune. We’ve invested in high-spec digital cameras and studio lighting, so that we can create ‘print-ready’ images from your artwork.

Our photography studio is based in Sheffield, but it’s mobile too so we can come to your location to take the pictures.

Photography prices start at just £45.

Print prices start at £5 for an A3 print on 230gsm matte art paper.

Having prints made of your artwork is a great way of making extra income and getting your name out there.

Contact us now for more details!

Close by Viv Owen - Cupola Gallery prints

Close by Viv Owen – Cupola Gallery prints

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